Pataki Scion: America… Fuck Yeah!

George Pataki’s pride in his oldest son, Teddy, who’s set to graduate from Yale and is on the path to become an officer in the Marines, may take a hit once the governor looks up the 22-year-old’s online profile:

Like many of his fellow students, Teddy is a member of, a collegiate Friendster where students post profiles listing their classes, their dorms, their favorite music (Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, Metallica), movies (Lord of the Rings, Black Hawk Down) and books, and in which they form groups according to their interests.

The young Pataki is one of three officers—his title is “United States Marine and Professional Killer”—of a group entitled “AMERICA! … FUCK YEAH!!!” (remember that irony-laden song from Team America) which describes itself as: “We are Americans. We can do what we want when we want to and can say whatever the fuck we want about foreigners. ‘Suck my balls world’—America. Those who are proud to say they love America and will fight anyone who threatens her. We’ll help anyone who is ashamed to be an American pack if you’ll just leave and promise to never come back.”

Other notables listed in the facebook include presidential daughter Barbara Bush (whose profile is largely blank) and her reported beau, Jay Blount, who’s concentration (conveniently for his potential father-in-law) is Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and who belongs to the groups, “Virginia Is for Hustlers,” “Balls and Sacks,” and “Varsity Alcoholics.”

The latter group’s description concludes, “This group is for the many ex-varsity athletes at Yale who have quit their sport, but still maintain that competitive edge, and thus, have dedicated their time and energy to drinking… the most spirited ex-athletes may even be on the verge of alcoholism.”

Blount also tallies a long list of Spring Break thoughts, including “Only in Iraq can a man like Saddam Hussein find work,” “Bend ovaaaa, Sally,” “Go Ballz Deep, NSS (no shaft showing)” and a series of quotes parodying President Bush’s hilarious comments making fun of the groom at a friend’s 1992 wedding, which was captured on video and leaked to the Smoking Gun a few years ago: “You have very boring dance moves, very boring,” “You are very boring when you sleep,” “You are very skinny, a fine golfer, but very boring, you are a very boring person.”

Blount seems to enjoy the good life. Last year, during Yale’s Sex Week, he was photographed partying at Mory’s Temple Bar in New Haven along with sex doctor Susan Block and “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis.

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