One of the hazards of running for higher office is that people start taking a close look at the office you’re currently holding. Giff‘s been suffering that affliction for a while, and now it’s Virginia‘s turn.

Newsday has a story about a longtime Fields aide borrowing — and not paying back — $1,100 from an impoverished, semi-homeless man who was seeking help from the Borough President’s office.

It’s a grim story, but this is the bit that really caught our eye:

“City Executive Order No. 16 requires allegations of corruption, wrongdoing or unethical behavior against city workers to be reported to the Department of Investigation.

“Denise Outram, Fields’ general counsel, said she decided the matter wasn’t serious enough to refer to DOI after conducting a one-day investigation. She chose not to call [the man].

“‘I determined it was a purely personal matter between two individuals who were friends,’ she said. ‘This has nothing to do with the borough president’s office.'”

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