In Today’s Observer

We report that D.A. Pennebaker, who made The War Room, is shooting a Freddy campaign film. Roberto likes the idea, Axelrod not so much. We tie that into the national and ethnic Big Themes that many of Freddy’s aides see in this campaign, and wonder whether it all adds up to a benefit or a burden.

The Observer also has the story on Arianna Huffington‘s liberal alternative to the Drudge Report, which will be called the Huffington Report. Well, it only took 10 years.

And don’t miss the city’s response to our blogging on the Kate Oliver request for donations from the private sector. As our intrepid film reporter Jake Brooks writes, the Mayor’s office has decided that New York’s generous taxpayers will answer the official’s “URGENT PLEA” for a ticket to Cannes.

Also: Read Jonathan Mahler’s new book about 1977, which we liked. And add Andrew Rasiej to the list of candidates for Public Advocate.