Virginia Also a Fighter

Too bad Kevin Parker already endorsed. This is from Virginia‘s interview with Gabe Pressman, to air Sunday:

PRESSMAN: Do you consider yourself a fighter?

FIELDS: Oh, absolutely. I’ve always been a fighter. I’ve always had tofight on many different levels. And I’m a good fighter; I’m a tough fighter.And…

PRESSMAN: Physically or…

FIELDS: I’ve had to fight physically.

PRESSMAN: …figuratively?

FIELDS: I’ve had to fight physically…


FIELDS: …sometimes, much younger, you know, as a kid. I don’t fight now. But…

PRESSMAN: What sort of fights did you have as a kid?

FIELDS: Well, it was usually about turf kinds of things, you know, whose side of the street did this group belong to, and you don’t cross this side. Sometimes about boys, too, you know.

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