Comity Amid Chaos

The same day that the Times does a story on how confusingly crowded state of the Manhattan borough president race, someone from the Brian Ellner campaign writes to say that all three candidates at last night’s DFNYC debate between Ellner, Scott Stringer and Bill Perkins pledged not to challenge the petitions of any other candidates.
I’ll take his word for it that this stands to have some effect on the dynamics of a race with nearly a dozen contenders, if only by making it less likely that the field will thin out.
As to which candidates actually benefit, I couldn’t begin to do the calculations without getting a bad headache.
Comments, anyone?

P.S. On this, my final day sitting in on the Politicker, I have a pledge of my own: This is the last time I’m going to write the words “Brian Ellner” on this blog.