IOC Report Spun

OK, we’ll admit that we haven’t actually read through that IOC report yet. The objective observers of this occult process, like AP, are calling it a win for Paris, with London in second place.

The bookies are writing off everybody but Paris and London. And everybody but Paris is spinning like crazy:

London 2012’s Lord Coe: “I think that we are in a position now to continue to build on the momentum that this bid has enjoyed.”

Moscow 2012’s Alexander Chernov: “[W]e see there is an objective, open and positive evaluation of everything that has been done in Moscow.”

A “delighted” Dan Doctoroff: “The report makes clear that this race is neck and neck and that New York is firmly in the top tier…[W]e’re in a great position to win in Singapore on July 6, so long as the stadium is approved.”

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