Democrats seemed happy to stay with the Karl Rove theme today, from the draft council resolution from Gifford Miller calling for Rove’s removal to C. Virginia Fields’ statement knocking Bloomberg’s “weak response” to his statements.
There’s no obvious downside for them in continuing to express their anger at Rove for what he said, and at Pataki and Bloomberg for what they didn’t.
But will it help them?
Pataki has used the Rove affair as an excuse to go on the attack by repeating Republican talking points on the Dick Durbin stuff.
And Bloomberg’s handlers seem to have decided that the mayor no longer needs to deal with Rove’s comments at all. Bloomberg made it through a radio appearance and a public event in Harlem today without expanding upon the artfully bland statement he made yesterday. So that makes nothing from him today and, I presume, nothing over the weekend.
It has apparently fallen to enterprising, if lesser-known, Republicans like Senate hopeful John Spencer to engage the Democrats: the former Yonkers mayor is holding a press conference later today outside Hillary Clinton’s Senate office to denounce comments she made about the Iraq war.
The conversation about outrageous comments, jump-started by Rove, will continue to provide great fodder for local bloggers until something better comes along.
But I’m wondering where the point of diminishing returns is for everyone else.