Rehnquist Ails, Chuck Girds

The AP reports that New York’s senior Senator “revealed” in a floor speech the existence of a letter to the White House pleading for bipartisan cooperation in the selection of the next Supreme Court justice.
It’s almost like the ritual preparation of a sumo wrestler before a big clash.
If there’s one thing that’s certain, it is that the president is not going to invite the Democrats – let alone Chuck Schumer – to be part of his deliberations over the next Supreme nomination.
The letter, to stay with a strained analogy, is Schumer’s bow to the opponent ahead of an inevitable, titanic struggle.
It puts the Democrats on record saying that they’d love to avoid a divisive fight, really, but that they’re up for a government shutdown if necessary. And as we’ve known since the moment he was elected to the Senate, Chuck will be there.
Here’s a comment from one of his biggest fans to the Observer in 2001:

“I think that when the Supreme Court nomination comes, Chuck is going to be such a prominent opponent that he’s going to be talked about in Presidential terms,” said Representative Anthony Weiner. “That’s how much influence he’s going to have over the whole thing.”