Celebrities: They’re Just Like Themselves!

New York magazine, July 25, 2005
Celebrity and Its Discontents: A Diagnosis
By Vanessa Grigoriadis
Telephone rage, impromptu African sabbaticals, a trial that could only have taken place in Neverland—this season, our neurotic star culture seems to be suffering a complete mental collapse. Are only the crazy drawn to fame, or does fame make the famous crazy?
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New York magazine, December 8, 2003
Exploding Stars
By Simon Dumenco
Michael Jackson. Paris Hilton. Kobe Bryant. Martha Stewart. In a culture that worships celebrity, some of the most famous seem to be suffering a collective meltdown—accused of acts that betray their own particularly self-destructive brand of entitlement. But to what degree do we share the blame?
Sidebar: Daphne Merkin imagines Michael Jackson on the couch.

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