Eva’s Rent

Eva Moskowitz‘s latest flyer– “Don’t Get Mad, Get Eva” — boasts at one point that the City Council Member is raising her three children “in the same one-bedroom rent-stabilized apartment that Eva grew up in.”

“…A resident of a rent-stabilized apartment herself, Eva was a prime sponsor of the Tenants Bill of Rights.”

This turns out to be a minor classic in the genre of rent regulation, in which Ed Koch and Mia Farrow are the great works.

The income threshold for luxury decontrol is $175,000. Eva makes $90,000 (she declined the lulu); her husband is a lawyer. To trigger decontrol, however, your rent also has to be more than $2,000 a month, and Moskowitz told The Politicker hers is not.

In fact, she pays about $1,000 in monthly rent on the one-bedroom, she said.

Moskowitz said she supports stronger rent regulations than the current “eviscerated” rules to protect both the poor and the middle class.

“It’s a very different thing to be middle class in New York City than in other real estate markets,” she said, indisputably.

“I make a good living and I am very grateful that I have a place to live,” she said. “It would be very challenging to make it with three kids if I didn’t have rent protection.”

But Moskowitz’s living situation is also a study in one of the odd effects of rent regulation on the market. Some people, particularly those whose kids have grown up, hold on to multi-bedroom apartments because they have great deals. And others pack their kids into small ones.

(Of course Eva is a special case. Her job makes it a bit hard for her to move to Inwood or Ditmas Park.)

An older and wiser Observer staffer reminds The Politicker that it was well-reported deals for people who don’t need them — in particular, for Mia Farrow and Alistair Cooke — that turned segments of the public (i.e. the people stuck paying market rent) against rent regulation in the first place.

And really, is Brooklyn that bad?

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