In Today’s Paper: Basabe Burns Out, Nobu Expands, Bloomberg Courts, and Harvey Weinstein Blinks

In today’s Transom: a tour of Nobu 57, the hotspot’s new uptown digs, with Nobu’s general manager and architect David Rockwell. And, did Harvey Weinstein panic midway through the promotion for Rachel Pines’ The Twins of Tribeca, that snippy Miramax tell-all? Mayor Bloomberg—a Republican, in case you’ve forgotten—seduces Howard Dean for the 2008 Democratic Convention. And Page Sixer Paula Froelich, Rush & Molloy reporter Jo Piazza, and publicist Lizzie Grubman illuminate the tragic life of socialite Fabian Basabe.

Elsewhere in the paper, much to enjoy, including inside the glut of Iraq war memoirs. The Transom’s favorite part: “There have been just a tremendous number of what you might call disillusioned-soldier narratives,” said one editor. Ha! Go figure.

Norm Pearlstine gets blowback at Time; the journalists of D.C. are doing the White House’s work by tearing each other apart; and, from the other coast, Venice is, as The Transom knew, The New Hotness— and for once, it’s not gays and artists doing the gentrifying, its agents and actors. Molly Jong-Fast admits what we all know: the horrible truth is that there is no ‘It’ bag this summer.