In Today’s Paper: Making The Polo Scene

What happened to Bridgehampton’s blue-blood polo games? And what have the young turks, with their rap music and their hussies, done with all the old bluebloods? Says Hamptons chronicler Steven Gaines, “I realized that the people we used to call society are almost completely dead.”

In today’s Transom, bizarrely—err, intentionally! Right!—The Transom goes theatre! The oddest crowd (Warren Spector and Keanu Reeves?) gathered at the Public Theater’s gala in Central Park. And hark! A small independent bookstore, Applause Theatre and Cinema Books, is going out of business! But… no one cares, not even its owner.

Elsewhere in the paper:

The Transom laughed so hard it nearly hurt itself over today’s piece on the Times encouraging its young reporters to resist the impulse to write, well, Timesily. The Transom had many, many, many questions about this.

Know your starchitects: Piano v. Gehry.

And Harvey Weinstein apparently sold, at a loss, one of what The Transom believes are his two SoHo apartments. (Or did Nicole Kidman just deed him the one adjacent to tempting, sugar-full Balthazar?)

And The Transom must give the last word to Mr. George Gurley, from the final item here:

Sometimes when I see a picture of Liv Tyler, I wonder if that big rabbity smile has less to do with her new baby or thriving movie career, and everything to do with just being superfucking rich, being able to spend a month in Tuscany or Mustique for no reason and just laughing her ass off the whole time. I’m sure she’s always thinking, Wow, life just keeps getting better and better for me—every single day, another surprise. More money, more fame, one fun thing after another. I’m so ridiculously lucky, I think I’ll take a dump on $10,000 in cash right now then set it on fire. Why not?”