In Today’s Paper …

Michael Calderone contemplates the Summer of Bill–that’s Bill Hemmer–in this week’s installment of Manhattan Transfers; the underemployed anchor has moored at a $1.75 million McMansion in the Hamptons. And, as always, more little nuggets of real-estate gossip.

Matthew Schuerman surprises the architect who developed a low-slung but incredibly modern housing development for Olympians on the Queens waterfront when he tells him that other developers are bidding to build there.

Jessica Bruder profiles Arnie Geller. He wants to finish a famous journey that, er, bumped into a bit of trouble, and bring the 17-ton hull of the wrecked Titanic to lower Manhattan.

Nicole Laporte takes us to sunny Venice Beach–the Brooklyn of Los Angeles? Or is that still Hollywood-Los Feliz-Silverlake-Et Cetera?–where Hollywood machers are rapidly gentrifying things.