Stick to Politics

To the Editor:

Did I actually read an editorial in your newspaper called “Bad Marriage and Babies” [July 11]? This is truly painful. I read The Observer for its intelligence, style, irreverence and chutzpah. As a mother of five, I don’t need to be told that couples report a drop in marital happiness after their first baby is born. In fact, I can testify that marital happiness temporarily drops with the birth of each child, not just the first. This doesn’t make the marriage unhealthy, and in no way do these “temporary interpersonal struggles” provide long-term harm to the child’s emotional well-being. Parents—especially first-time parents—have enough to worry about without being unnecessarily scared. Although your editorial offers no good solution to this “problem,” I can suggest that besides trying to get some sleep and keeping a sense of humor, taking the time to read the decidedly un-P.C. Observer is an excellent antidote. That is, unless more such editorials appear.

Vicky Schippers


Independent Voice

To the Editor:

The Independence Party’s mission, as I understand it, is to give voice to and thereby empower independent voters. If Jessica Bruder had written her article “Will Spitzer Shun the Independence Party?” [July 11] from a more objective perspective, she might have had an inkling (and might have shared it with Observer readers) that the Independence Party is non-ideological. Its litmus test for whom to support isn’t whether a candidate has the “politically correct” positions on the issues. Rather, it supports candidates who support and will work for political reform that advances independent voters’ fight for political recognition. That is why the candidates that the I.P. gives its endorsement to range from Governor George Pataki to independent Presidential candidate Ralph Nader.

Francine Miller

Executive Committee,

Kings County

Independence Party


First-Time Writer, Longtime Fan

To the Editor:

I’ve been meaning to write for some time about Robert Gottlieb. Mr. Gottlieb’s ballet criticism is outstanding. It puts him in the ranks of Denby and Croce. I was so moved by his review of Balanchine’s Don Quixote [“Farrell’s Revival of Don Q, Balanchine’s Gift to His Muse,” The Dance, July 11]. This is what art is all about. And thank you for having the courage to speak the truth about what is happening at NYCB under Peter Martins.

Carol Reese