In This Week’s Observer

paulsonMatthew Schuerman finds that Goldman Sachs is close to getting an agreement to receive a penalty fee if they’re not satisfied with security measures at the new World Trade Center site: “According to two officials involved in the negotiations with the investment bank Goldman Sachs to build a new $2 billion headquarters adjacent to Ground Zero, C.E.O. Henry Paulson has secured a financial guarantee from the city and state, exacting penalties if authorities fail to enact a comprehensive security plan for the World Trade Center neighborhood.”

Michael Calderone reports on widow Lily Safra’s 838 Fifth Avenue apartment, which was quietly sold in an inside deal to financier Thomas Sandell in the fall, is now back on the market; Sandell hopes to flip the place for a $6 million profit. Also: Nina Griscom’s socialite-plastic-surgeon ex-husband has bought the Botswanan Embassy building; no word yet on whether it’s a mega-surgery-house or a mega-residence for the nip-and-tuck expert.