The New York Times on Philly, Las Vegas, the Upper East Side

timesphillyWe heard this might be coming (via Gawker): the Sunday Styles section dubs Philadelphia the sixth borough. Williamsburg expats in shrunken ironic T-shirts are apparently swanning past that cracked, bronze bell and marvelling at Rocky’s workout steps as they get acquainte with New Jersey transit. Bets taken here on how soon before “Brooklynization” makes it into the O.E.D.

Top real-estate developer Aby Rosen will overcome you with both his “arresting blue eyes” and off-putting Damien Hirst sculptures. And the guy does own Lever House and the Seagram Building which is
pretty intimidating, too.

A bizarre replica of the East Village is being built in Las Vegas because casino developer Mark Advent believes the desert city lacks a “sense of community.” Nothing says community like bridge-and-tunnel bars and overpriced, rat-infested studios! Felafel, anyone?

Lastly, the Upper East Side has become a haven for cheapskates.

– Michael Calderone