Radio Rumble

Freddy and Mike’s war of words rages on.

Today, the Bloomberg camp denounced a Ferrer radio ad, which cites a Harvard study based on NYC school statistics from 2001…before Mike was in office. They countered with statistics of their own:

“Under Mayor Bloomberg’s Children First reforms, more New York City students are graduating from high school than ever before: last June, 54.3% of the Class of 2004 graduated in four years. That is the highest rate since statistics were first kept nearly 20 years ago.”

To which Ferrer’s camp replied:

“Mike Bloomberg is so busy playing gotcha politics that he glosses over the sad reality—that half of New York City kids drop out of school, and even more fail to graduate on time…Worst of all, Bloomberg’s own data – showing little more than half of students graduating on time – leave out special education students.”

This all follows the flap over “Mike’s Summer Adventure,” a mock essay that the Ferrer campaign released on Monday.

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