This Charming House

morrissey This Charming HouseThe Real Estate had no intention of reporting during last night’s Morrissey party at Sway, but happened to learn that the brooding singer’s Los Angeles home is now on the market.

Despite being 3,000 miles from our usual turf, we couldn’t resist offering a peek at Morrissey’s lavish limestone bath. Several years ago, he decided that sunny California was a worthy substitute to gloomy Manchester.

But Morrissey isn’t the only celebrity owner of this Hollywood Hills mansion. In fact, the Mediterranean-style house was built by Clark Gable for Carole Lombard, and later owned by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Note to obsessive fans: he’s already moved out. And if Smiths lyrics offer any indication of his future plans, he “would rather not go back to the old house.”

– Michael Calderone

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