Bloodbath To Take Place At Sunday’s Tracy Reese Show

From one of the thousands of friendly neighborhood publicists scheming about getting attention during fashion week:

At her show this Sunday, Tracy Reese will team with Circle of Friends to help models kick the smoking habit. Tracy will support a smoke-free backstage for models, hairdressers and makeup artists. Smoking cessation counselors will be available backstage to help models who want to quit learn how and “Knit to Quit” kits will be distributed to keep idle hands busy. As you know, models are hugely influential among young girls and women so reaching these groups are critical to the anti-smoking effort.

Yes. Because when models want to quit smoking, it’s backstage right before a show, wearing just a thong and a grimace while some queen rips their hair out, smackdab in the middle of fashion week. Can’t wait!
— Choire Sicha