Dept. of Unusual Alliances

The Clinton Global Initiative, Bill’s big conference, was held in midtown last week with an unlikely prime sponsor: Tom Golisano.

The Rochester mogul, and likely contestant for the Republican nomination for Governor, writes in the event’s program: “Although my philanthropic efforts to date have been concentrated primarily in my community in Upstate New York, I have long desired to enter the global arena of giving but was waiting for the right opportunity.”

He continues: “I believe wholeheartedly in President Clinton’s vision of bringing together this group…”

Actually, Golisano is one of a number of Republicans seeking statewide office who have reasons to be, at least, cordial to the Senator: there’s her old Watergate friend Bill Weld, for one; and Ed Cox, a famously loyal Nixon son-in-law who has talked about how valuable Bill Clinton was to his father-in-law’s political rehabilitation.

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