In Today’s Salmon Spread: Will Lloyd Grove Go Home?

In The Transom

: The catty front-row seat thieves of fashion week! Salman Rushdie goes off on “philistines” at the New York Public Library! Billioinairess Sheila C. Johnson comes to town, with her checkbook and white wedding shoes! Amanda De Cadenet gets strokes from her Stroke beau at her big gallery opening! Walter Kirn’s memoir of bad behavior comes to the big screen! And, of course, The Transom sneaks into Gwen Stefani’s show to molest Lenny Kravitz and steal shoes.


Lloyd Grove, are ya leaving us? Contracts up, say the gossips!

South Williamsburg, will you look like Battery Park City?

George Gurley’s back in couples therapy, and the words “controlling” and “hung over” are used.

Big Billy Clinton throws his weight around his sushi-fest confab.

And finally: when girly book clubs go bad.