Police Action

The National Latino Officers Association jumped into the fray over the Bronx Terminal Market today, sending letters to Eliot Spitzer and even Alberto Gonzales to investigate the “conflicts of interest, favoritism, no-bid contracts, and general ethical breaches” that led the city to support Steve Ross (pictured) in building a shopping mall where currently 23 or so vendors sell ethnic produce and groceries to bodegas and individuals. This is a twisted story we’d rather not get into but we couldn’t help noticing the unusually personal tone Related’s spokesman, Frank Marino, took in a printed response: “It’s sad how far some people will go to protect their own selfish interests and deny the Bronx the opportunity of thousands of new jobs and the replacement of an eyesore with a vibrant new retail center.”

Marino also calls the vendors “small merchants.” The merchants themselves say together they employ 700.