BUILD gets a raise

First BUILD, the community organization supporting Forest City Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project, denied receiving $5 million from the developer as stated on its tax forms. Then the Times reported last week that the developer did give BUILD money–$100,000, in fact. Now Juan Gonzalez says the developer has spent another $38,000 so that BUILD could hire people to stand on street corners and hand out The Brooklyn Standard, the Ratner-produced advertorial for the project. (The new issue is causing a stir of its own.) Meanwhile, Curbed predicts a “throw-down” at a public hearing on Atlantic Yards this evening.

The Mayor probably won’t show, though he says “if I lived here maybe I wouldn’t like it, either.” (via NoLandGrab). He’s busy today announcing support for the $2.9 billion transportation bond act, joining the Governor and many many other people.

The Associate Press finds that one out of five loans made to aid small businesses after 9/11 is in default, while Andrea Peyser utters the unutterable: that the public is getting tired of the victims’ families persistance.

Finally, the Times asks, Why live in Trump World Tower when you can live in Shanghai’s Skyline Mansion?

-Matthew Schuerman