Geto’s Prediction

An email from lobbyist/consultant/gay activist Ethan Geto has been making the rounds since he sent it to Gay City News publisher Paul Schindler.

The email, cced to a long list that included many Bloomberg supporters, responds to the paper’s endorsement of Freddy:

Dear Paul,

Terrific editorial! Bully for you and GCN!

Ill eat my hat, as they said in the old days (and/or kiss Bloombergs ass in Macys window) if every single one of the gay leaders who have endorsed and actively supported Bloomberg dont get (a) a job in City Hall, (b) funding for their next electoral campaign, and/or (c) a sinecure with the Bloomberg Lifetime on Easy Street Career Opportunist Plan.

Your coverage and editorials, and particularly Andy Humms comprehensive comparative piece, have been uniformly excellent.

Yours, Ethan

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