Inside the Peach Parade: The $50-Million Townhouse, the Uber-Gallery, and Gay Cruising

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the newest most expensive apartment in New York; the $50-million Upper East side mansion, owned by Jaqui Safra and his lover, Jean Doumanian.

Do you crazies feel like the New York Times isn’t paying attention to you? Well you’re right–they’ve eliminated the ‘kook fax’ machine (2nd item). How will the nutjobs make contact now?

How do you become one of the select few uber-galleries in Manhattan? Well, first you’ve got to have more than just one gallery, of course–but you’ve also got to bankroll the hell out of your artists. Great rivers of cash money flow down 10th Avenue! Hoy hoy!

In The Transom; The master Zen rock garden builder comes to New York for his first mission–downstairs from Norah Jones in the Carl Fischer building; a party for U2 goes hideously wrong; and Chelsea’s best and brightest galleries clamor for better spaces.

What will Mayor Bloomberg leave behind? Maybe nothing at all.

In the cultcha pages, Suzy Hansen rips would-be slut Elizabeth Hayt a new one, and Ron Rosenbaum is really totally over Larry David.

And then, of course, there’s this: The Great Gay Outdoors, which seems like something the staff of the Socialist Party News might write as an editorial for Latin Inches after an eight-hour Sex and the City marathon. Only in New York, kids, etc., etc.