Inside the Roseate Rag: Judy Speaks! Atoosa Schemes! Claire Grows Up!

· Judy Miller talks guff, snaps at and hangs up on fellow New York Times reporters, and gets her own secret ghostwriter: come inside the great Flame-out at the New York Times with Miss Run Amok herself.
· In today’s truly fun-packed Transom: celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, the woman who brought you the emaciation of Nicole Richie and the hobo stylings of Mary-Kate Ashley, comes to town from L.A. and gives us her four most important beauty tips; Jay McInerney and Chris Noth throw back at least a few at the Odeon 25th anniversary party; Kimberly Guilfoyle-Newsom and Anthony Haden-Guest discuss Intelligent Design; and Mikhail Baryshnikov gets just plain pissy.
· Claire Danes has finally recovered from high school.
· Atoosa Rubenstein, editor of .
· Everyone’s favorite canoe-rowing NBC reporter tells all about CanoeGate.
· And yo: Hillary Clinton really is gonna run for Prez in ’08.