Lex Club Rules

The head of the East Side’s venerable Lexington Democratic Club, Alex Tisch, sent out an email yesterday concerning ground rules for the group’s future meetings. Apparently, things are getting a little out of hand up there.

The behavior of some members of the Executive Committee at the meeting last night was atrocious. James d’Auguste and Larry Rosenstock have graciously allowed us to use their offices for our meetings and we must behave in an appropriate way with the proper decorum when we are in them. These are businesses that do operate in the late hours with people trying to work. Shouting can not be and will not be tolerated at meetings. Members must only speak when they are recognized by the chair. Everyone will be heard if they have something to say but no one person can be allowed to dominate the meetings.

For these reasons I am going to institute some ground rules for our meetings. Reports by State Committee members, district leaders and committee heads will be limited to five minutes each. If this is not possible than it should be put in writing for distribution by the President. Anyone who yells at a meeting is going to be warned. If it continues that person will not be recognized by the chair to speak for the rest of the meeting. If the chair recognizes someone to speak and that person goes off topic they will be asked to hold that thought and bring it up at a more appropriate time at the meeting…

And this is the neighborhood invariably described as “genteel.”