Ride the Pink Pony: Rockefeller Center, Al Franken, Ugly Purses, and Gayhem

In The Transom

: Our trusty reporter sneaked into the grand reopening of the Rockefeller Center Observation Decks, where $2-million walls are caressed by hot French ladies and the head of the Landmarks Commission discusses the building’s suitability for suicide by jumping; Gayhem erupts at the Roxy at a High Line benefit; does Melania Trump know that self-tanner really isn’t good for a fetus?; and Thrillist launches as the ultimate cad guide.

Can nutty Al Franken recalibrate as a mealy-mouthed politician? (Oh, we think so. Buh bye, Al! Have fun in Minnesota!)

Things at the New York Times are so out of control that the PUBLISHER OF THE PAPER COMPLAINS–TO THE PAPER–THAT HE IS MISQUOTED IN HIS OWN PAPER.

Bring out your ugly old purses, ladies!

The White House’s labor of love is recasting the C.I.A. as their own personal errand-bitches.

And what happens when you’re addicted to dating egghead weenies?