Ride The Pink Pony: Tom Freston, Jason Binn, Lauren Weisberger, and Judy Miller

In this week’s paper:

Let The Transom take you deep inside the first world, where Viacom king Tom Freston does a mean downward-facing dog; where any public interest in the shooting of The Devil Wears Prada evaporates when Meryl Streep isn’t on set; where Jesse Eisenberg, the young star of The Squid and the Whale is not yet glib with reporters; and also where Marc Levin’s new documentary gets, or requests, the heat from the Nation of Islam.

Cool Hand Judy! As Judy Miller goes free, the vultures are circling the New York Times, says Bill Keller—and we have met the vultures and they are us.

The Devil Writes Nada: million-dollar hack chick lit-er Lauren Weisberger is the luckiest gal alive.

Hysterics—never the Hysterics— are the teenage prep school sophisti-kid rock band of Brooklyn. The Transom would like to adopt them all.

Jason Binn bought a really expensive apartment. Relatedly: The Transom figures that a two-million-dollar apartment is the kind of thing that really brings solace when one is wheezing on one’s deathbed.

Finally, we are not unconvinced that sending George Gurley to couples therapy and publishing the transcripts is an experiment that has gone truly, horribly wrong. Seriously. The Transom is reminded of the time it totalled a Jeep Cherokee in Denver; the hood mashing ever closer, the pressure of the steering wheel in the sternum… but this car crash may be, The Transom fears, fatal.