From Le Pink Papier: 50 Cent, Robert Stern, ‘Rent’, Paris Hilton, Nabokov, and Bob Woodward

In the world’s longest Transom: The Murder Inc. trial; Horacio Silva’s 40th Birthday; A Drink with Robert A. M. Stern; Partying with The Architects’ Newspaper; and Stephen Colbert and Ashleigh Banfield sell out their sources.

TV news, which rose to the challenge of its medium in Vietnam, has utterly failed, 30 years later, in the coverage of Iraq.

In 1996, Rent and Andrew Sullivan both declared the AIDS crisis to be over. But were they both wrong?

Simon Doonan is freaked out by Paris Hilton’s monkey.

Nabokov’s son really is going to burn his father’s last unfinished book.

How Bob Woodward is a sell-out.