Inside the Coral Caprice: Prince Charles and Camilla, Greg Gutfeld, Julian Schnabel, and Judy Miller’s Sag Harbor Mafia

In The Transom

: Donald Trump slanders Don King and Don King praises George Bush; Jessica Coen spends an afternoon at cocktails with everyone’s favorite Huffpo and Maxim UK editor wackjob Greg Gutfeld; and we go inside the scary at Heidi Klum’s Halloween party.

Yesterday, Prince Charles and his new wife Camilla hit New York and met with some die-hard Camilla-resentment, as well as the indomitable Tina Brown.

Get your hot Judy Miller action on: Sag Harbor is a-buzzing with Judy’s pals like Felix Rohatyn, Mort Zuckerman, and Peggy Noonan. And her little dog’s named Hamlet.

Meghan Daum gets appointed to the Los Angeles Times opinion page — but hey, wasn’t she hiding out in Nebraska? Say what now?

Julian Schnabel is desperate to grandfather his West Village home into the old rezoning — and boy are his neighbors pissed.

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