Inside Today’s Blush Gazette: Mike Leigh, Al Jazeera, Judi Dench, Brooklyn Hotness, Broker Bonus Frenzy!

In The Transom

: Mike Leigh and Scott Elliott lunch at Balthazar; Judy Dench, Joan Collins, and Kathleen Turner consider the war in Iraq; When Is a Chair Not a Chair? When it’s at the Studio Museum in Harlem and Peter Norton is buying them. Plus! Our East End Correspondent Taffy Winesap Settles in for Winter in Sag Harbor in our new Sag Harbor Diary….

Wall Streeters prop up the real estate bubble in anticipation of juicy year-end pay-outs; not since before 9/11 have finance folks been compensated for their troubles so handily.

Fine, we’ll say it: Brooklyn Is The New Philadelphia, the sexy suburb that could. No longer the sadsack spot where losers go when they fail out of Manhattan, Brooklyn finally has it all going on.

Aaaaaaaagh, George Gurley and his lover Hilly are back in couples therapy.

Even Bush I isn’t afraid of Al Jazeera any more; Here comes Al Jaz Int’l.

Back to Canada with ya, eh? Michael Ignatieff says see ya to America, off to save his homeland.

Harvard Law School, a hungry hungry hippo for conservatives. sex columnist plans to wed! But what of the lust in the dust?