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Dispensing with the usual charade, Freddy’s not calling his election-night event a “victory party.” (Correction: I’m wrong on this. They are calling it a victory party. Apologies.)

But the program that’s circulating has a distinctly low-wattage feel to it. The roster of speakers is rather short on the word “Senator.”

9:45 PM Denny Farrell introduces Betsy Gotbaum
9:45-10 PM Betsy Gotbaum speaks
10:00 PM Denny Farrell introduces Bill Thompson
10:00-15 PM Bill Thompson speaks
10:15 PM Denny Farrell introduces Al Sharpton
10:15-25 PM Al Sharpton speaks
10:25 PM Denny Farrell introduces Eliot Spitzer
10:25-30 PM Eliot Spitzer introduces Freddy Ferrer
10:30-45 PM Freddy Ferrer speaks
11 PM Doors close

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