Peter Eagler’s future

Peter Eagler, who gave up his seat on the Passaic County Board of Freeholders to concentrate on his State Assembly re-election campaign — before Essex County Democrats dumped him from the organization line — seems to be planning his political comeback. There are reports that he is working hard to fill vacant Democratic County Committee seats in Clifton. It’s possible that Eagler wants his ducks in order in case 34th district Senator Nia Gill winds up in Jon Corzine’s administration (Gill, a Corzine favorite, has been mentioned as a possible candidate for several posts, including Attorney General and even United States Senator.) That would prompt a special election convention for Gill’s seat, and perhaps a subsequent one if Sheila Oliver or Thomas Giblin move up from the Assembly. Eagler could also be looking at a return to the Board of Freeholders; there is considerable speculation that Democrats want to dump incumbent Lois Cuccinello from their line.