Pirro Poll

A reader who thinks that Jeanine Pirro‘s bid for Attorney General would be something less than a walk sends over the results of a private poll done earlier this year of 500 in Western Nassau County, which included a short section testing a negative Pirro message. The poll’s margin for error is plus/minus 4.3 points.

Pirro’s support against an unnamed Democrat dropped by eight points, or about a third, with the following message:

“Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro wants to be our Attorney General, but New Yorkers just can’t trust her. Pirro’s husband, a lobbyist, was convicted of federal tax evasion and conspiracy, and went to jail. Pirro even signed the documents that were the focus of the investigation that sent her husband to jail. And, an investigation by the FBI shows that Pirro’s husband had told mob bosses about a case she was working on. How can Pirro serve as the top law enforcement official if she can’t keep a secret from mob bosses or follow the law in her own house?”

Maybe eight points isn’t that bad. But the poll is a sign that that run for A.G. could get a bit messy. Al Pirro won’t be off-limits for Mark, Andrew, et al. the way he is for Hillary.