With Friends Like These

Over at the Forward’s blog, Eve Kessler notes that Jeanine Pirro has been a favorite of James Zogby’s Arab American Institute, which went after Hillary in its recent newsletter:

By any measure, Senator Hillary Clinton’s (D-NY) recent trip to Israel was a breathtaking display of political posturing. She visited Israel’s wall, and explained that it is “not against the Palestinian people” but “against terrorists,” but while Senator Clinton met with a range of Israeli officials, she did not meet with any Palestinians…. The constant recycling of ten-year-old talking points, regardless of the facts on the ground, is damaging to genuine efforts for peace.

But it’s hard to imagine the Pirro campaign — which doesn’t advertise her status as Arab-American pioneer (she’s of Lebanese Christian origin) — planted this one.

Substance aside, this is political gold for Clinton…and not so much for Pirro, who probably can’t afford to be a milimeter to Hillary’s left on this stuff.

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