Boldface Names, Wanted, But Also, Not

Today’s Transom begins

with a loving stylistic tribute to outgoing Boldface columnist Campbell Robertson. (Who says The Transom isn’t subtle and multi-textual! Smell us!) The Transom has known about Mr. Robertson’s reassignment at the NYT for some time and tears have been shed more than once.

The Transom also hears that folks all over town are applying for the Boldface job, and we hear the Times is looking to do something a bit different. Like New York mag, the Times doesn’t actually really like gossip. Oh they want to like gossip, but it’s just so…. dirty. So low! So yellow!

In any event, who wouldn’t want to write Boldface? Here’s The Transom’s application: What about the fish market? How come there is no column in Manhattan that will pay proper attention to the hot goings-on at 5 a.m. as the fish is unloaded at the docks? It’s all there: the conflict between rich chefs and hardened blue-collar salesmen, race, class, culture, language, fish guts…. We could call it Fishface Names! Think about it!