Dylan Matthew Hoke

122605 article baby Dylan Matthew HokeDec. 2, 2005

11:46 a.m.

6 pounds, 10 ounces

Mount Sinai Hospital

Miracle on 100th Street! Married for three years, department-store couple Brian Hoke, 33, a buyer at Macy’s Home Store, and Jennifer Hoke, 30, director of media at Lord & Taylor, have a fabulous new product: a cheerful, strawberry-blond young Narcissus whose favorite toy is the mirror in his baby gymnasium. “He just loves that mirror,” said Ms. Hoke, who, after a 12-hour early labor, pushed out her firstborn in an efficient 35 minutes, leaving her ample energy to plan a Christmas celebration at the family’s Upper West Side two-bedroom that will include both sets of the adoring brand-new grandparents. “I’m sure that Dylan will get more gifts than anybody,” said Mom.

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