Friday: Rats, Mice are the New Roaches

  • A quarter of city households report having seen rats or mice, or … evidence left behind by them. (The New York Post)
  • The kitchen designer has a nice, well, kitchen. (The New York Times)
  • How high can you go? Taipei 101 in Taiwan is the tallest building in the world; then comes the Petronas Towers in Malaysia. An architectural idea that began in America has risen to encompass the world. (Forbes)
  • The Tunnel nightclub, den of iniquity, goes legit. (NewYorkology)
  • The City Council must decide by February 8 whether Related Companies gets to build its mega-mall in the Bronx. (The New York Sun)
  • Are you interested in getting in on the ground floor of an investment? Track the foreclosures. (Curbed)
  • In fact, foreclosures increased 13.5 percent from November to December across the country. (Inman News)
  • The new World Trade Center Memorial will be bordered by running water year round. Fabulous. (The New York Post)
  • THOR wants to make more money off you. (Curbed)
  • In January, people not only flock to the clothing sales in Soho. They’re rushing to the neighborhood’s real estate market as well. But unlike the apparel stores, these properties are expected to garner even heftier prices. (The New York Sun)
  • Two million seeds of the world’s crops will be stored in the side of a vast snowy mountain abode, built by Norway’s government–just in case you-know-what happens. (New Scientist)
  • Frank Bruni asks the tough question about Colors, the new restaurant from former employees of Windows on the World: “Will it pay off in terms of diners’ actual enjoyment?” But he doesn’t answer it, yet: “I didn’t amass enough evidence … for a verdict.” (The New York Times)
  • – Riva Froymovich

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