Here But Not Here: This Week in Potentially Imaginary People

“I’m a guy who may or may not exist. I want to assure all your readers that I don’t exist. I’ll add, as a bonus joke for all the physics nerds, I exist in a state of quantum superposition, simultaneously existing and nonexisting.”
– Craig Newmark, quoted in A Guy Named Craig, by Philip Weiss, New York, January 16, 2006.

“[T]the young man in the wig and sunglasses, it turns out, is not a man at all. The public role of JT Leroy is played by Savannah Knoop, Geoffrey Knoop’s half sister, who is in her mid-20’s.”
The Unmasking of JT Leroy: In Public, He’s a She, by Warren St. John, The New York Times, January 9, 2006.
Matt Haber