In Today’s Observer: Chuck’s Vindication, Young Republican Hitmen

I look at the imposing set of Pataki appointees likely to stick around state government long after the Gov. has moved on to the White House.

And I also have a chat with Chuck Schumer about how he found a kind of “vindication” in the otherwise disastrous Alito hearings.

Matt Schuerman reports that Chelsea Market developer Irwin Cohen is flying to the rescue of the food vendors that are about to be kicked out of the Bronx Terminal Market, but the Bloomberg Administration hasn’t agreed to his plans to build and operate a new market nearby.

Jason examines the ghastly crisis dominating the first month of Mike’s second term. (Don’t second terms all go this way?)

Eve Kessler thinks
John Spencer might draw Hillary out a bit on the war.

And Jess Bruder, in her swan song (!), dives into the wonderfully macabre schism between New York’s two young Republican clubs, whose history reads like Hitchcock on acid, complete with an attempted frame-up for murder, a private detective, an episode on Phil Donahue’s talk show, and even a bit of … dwarf-bowling.