In Today’s Ruddy Ruckspinner: The Starlet Crisis, The Truth About Magazines, Outside Hilary Swank’s House, Arts and Leisure, Raf

Hollywood, in terms of roles and box office, had the suckiest year for women maybe ever. Blame the studios, says an agent: “If they think there’s an audience for midgets, they’ll start making movies about midgets.” Will the rising tide of literary managers in Hollywood help or hinder?

Everyone knows the glossy magazine world is pretty white. But results of an investigative survey describe, for the first time, just how amazingly non-integrated magazines are.

Staking out Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe’s townhouse on the day their separation was announced. Also: Arts & Leisure weekend took Manhattan… or did it?

Architect Rafael Vinoly is really getting used to being sued by now. What gives?

Roger Clark, NY1’s EveryDude.

James Frey and JT Leroy: “The entire memoir genre is rife with this,” says an editor.

George and Hilly are back in therapy and ganging up on their shrink.