Paterson’s Choice; Basil and Joseph

[Apologies: went down, again, this afternoon. I’m told this has something to do with Wisconsin, though I’m inclined to connect it to the lamented departure of The Politicker’s only tech-savvy contributor, Jess Bruder.]

Along with the prospect of a State Senate race in Harlem and of a contest to replace Paterson as Minority Leader, the question isn’t so much why Eliot picked Paterson as why Paterson gave up the propsect of being Senate Majority Leader — the second-most-powerful pol in the State — for the prospect of becoming Lieutenant Governor, not the second, or third, or fourth, or fifteenth, most powerful person in the state.

One line of speculation: Paterson’s eyes are on a future statewide run. For the other kind of Senate.

Also, Paterson’s father, Basil, is a partner at Meyer, Suozzi, English, and Klein. And yes, the Suozzi is Joseph, father of Tom.

But that shouldn’t be cause for workplace tension. After all, as a reader reminds me, Basil has already endorsed for Lieutenant Governor. He’s backing Leecia Eve.

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