Real-Estate Blog-Roll: Toil and Trouble Edition

I almost thought of calling these things “The Walk-Through.” Guess not.

- Jonathan Miller on the Times’ front page story on housing costs. And on the SmartMoney “Don’t Buy the Bubble Talk” article, he has this to say: “Are we sure that there has to be an extreme conclusion to all of this, or does it simply make for better reading?”

More bubble-reading, via The Walk-Through, in this study of the real-estate market. Thesis: Ceci n’est pas un bubble.

- Real-estate blogosphere apoplectic over Brownstoner‘s Talk of the Town debut yesterday. (We loved it over here.)

- Curbed reports that coop shareholders at Castle Village–the complex perched above the West Side Highway retaining wall that collapsed in the Spring–are beiung made to come up with anywhere from $12,000 to about $20,000 each in clean-up costs.

- Meanwhile, Real Estate Journal jumps on the Suze Orman bandwagon. Cheap mortgages suck!

- And: Slow progress on Harlem Park, the mixed-use megalith planned for a 2006 opening near the 125th Street Metro North station.

- Tom McGeveran