Sundance Begins: Evian Is So Over

One of our Sundance correspondents has filed her first report.

Bungalow 8 style reunions (hundreds of them) at the only supermarket in town, Albertson’s. Like ohmigod, squeal, what are you doing here? Are you going to the Nylon party later etc etc. And then random middle-weight producers yapping into their phones: “I just got a 50,000 dollar deal” type of things. Good on ya, sailor. You must be SWIMMING in it.
—Jessica Joffe

Reports also include a giant dent in the beverage section of the all-too-popular Albertsons’: among untouched stacks of Evian and Naya, the Fiji water has completely and utterly disappeared. Seriously, not a joke. When did this happen? When did Fiji become the faux-Hollywood drink of choice?