Booze-Brawl Moves to Albany

In the Lower East Side and Chinatown, the locals have been griping for ages that there are too many bars–and that it’s because the State Liquor Authority keeps letting them pile on.
So it’s understandable that the local Community Boards–3 and 4–were upset when an open spot on the S.L.A. they had specifically asked to be filled with a local went instead to Daniel Boyle, the police chief of Glenville, N.Y.

“We’re disappointed that a new chair wasn’t chosen from New York City as requested by the board,” said Susan Stetzer, the district manager of Community Board 3, “since a substantial number of licenses are granted to New York City and a substantial number to the Community Board 3 district.”
The post pays $120,000 a year. And it doesn’t look too tough to us. But before he can actually sign on the dotted line, there is a Confirmation Process.
Yes, ladies and gentleman, there is about to be an Alito-style knock-down drag-out about this appointment. Just replace Roe v. Wade with Liquor Licenses.
Some Democrats are vowing to oppose Mr. Boyle’s appointment. State Senator Martin Connor, whose district incorporates the Lower East Side-the neighborhood where Community Board 3 imposed its moratorium and where residents have mobilized as of late to shutter noisy drinking establishments-said that although he supports the Governor’s right to appoint his choice of commissioners to the S.L.A., “In this case, I think I’m going to have something to say on the floor, and vote against [Mr. Boyle].”
Bowery Bums need not rejoice just yet: Even Connor knows he’s bound to fail in a body largely controlled by upstate Republicans.
But now, Mr. Pataki has another chance to make good. On Feb. 6, spokeswoman Kimberly Morella confirmed to The Observer that another upstate S.L.A. commissioner, Joseph Zarriello, has announced his resignation. Ms. Morella said that Mr. Zarriello’s resignation was unrelated to Mr. Kelly’s departure from the authority.
Ms. Stezer said that her board will draft another letter requesting that Mr. Pataki appoint a New York City resident to fill the vacancy when Mr. Zarriello leaves.

– Matthew Grace