Flatiron Apple Store on Hiatus?

andrews Flatiron Apple Store on Hiatus?applerender Flatiron Apple Store on Hiatus?
Plans to replace the old Andrews Coffee Shop (left) on Fifth Avenue at 18th Street with a new structure to house the Apple Store (right) appear to be on hold.

Well, they were already questionable: back in July we reported on the local community board’s problems with the design, and spokesperson Monika Wik had this to say:

In researching the store location you point our below [sic], 136 Fifth Ave.. [sic] I see no such plans for a store, as such I consider the location a speculation at this time and therefore cannot comment on speculation and rumor.
Thank you,

Now, a sign in the window of the store offers it for lease through Robert K. Futterman. Here’s the listing.

Rent is not disclosed–that’s only available upon request. But it’s a 12-year term, immediate occupancy, and in a “Comments” section, the listing reads: “Sublease from Apple.”

Also, that rendering was obtained by The Real Estate through the community board, which voted against the proposed rebuild last summer.

Anyone know what gives?

– Tom McGeveran