I internalize a stranger’s comments and make it about my wedding.

LAURIE: One of my cab drivers last week was pissed off and started right in. “Going to be fifty-five mile an hour winds today. Nobody scared. Scientists say we’re going to have hard climate. It start right now. Everywhere there is proof. Landslide in Philippines. Hurricanes. Record snowfall. I hope the earth be safe for my children.”

Tortured taxi driver

And I’m all, “Yeah.” It’s not a dialogue. He skims across some points: the war on terror, oil company profits. Asks me why people are so greedy. Asks me why with so many smart people in New York is nothing being done about the whole climate/Earth’s imminent doom thing. Says that the administration of this country is behaving, in so many words, like hypocritical, power-drunk jerks. I agree with him as succinctly as possible and curse him silently for being so goddamned depressing and right. My food magazine job has not protected anyone from global warming. My wedding will be another pointless display of disposable income. He starts to laugh.

“Fifty five mile an hour winds, your windows blow in and you say God is punishing you? That’s bullshit.” He laughs for at least ten blocks.