Partaking in the Peach Pleasure: Fashion Week, Leather Men, John Malkovich, Dick Cavett, & Johnny Damon

  • Bored with what few leather bars remain in New York, the chaps-clad set has taken to MoMA instead.
  • It’s fashion week! And our crack(ed out) team did it all. Come for a walk on the projectile runway.
  • John Malkovich and Francesco Rulli make clothes for men who understand they all have a little pink inside them.
  • Welcome to Page Six, the magazine, baby.
  • Is the New York Times actually NY1?
  • Say a bunch of Christians get on a boat in New York harbor and the bartender feeds them drinks.
  • What happens when Dick Cavett gets seated next to you at a TV awards gala? Everything becomes much less boring.
  • Johnny Damon finally scores a high-rise apartment.
  • The crazy Guccione Mansion is back on the market, sort of: for $99 million dollars.
  • In January, had 1.3 billion page views. Hello, cash!
  • Zillow!
  • And happy Valentine’s day, in the form of a surprise letter from George Gurley to his lady-lover. It’s… really something.
  • Finally, for those who care about serious things: With the 2006 elections already zooming our way, it seems more and more possible that Democrats could take back the House.
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