Sick of Being Sick

pataki%20hos thumb Sick of Being Sick

George Pataki tells the Times that he is sick of being sick and now, at least two groups have taken shots at our recovering governor.

First, a former FDA official joined Shelly Silver and two of his colleagues to call for the governor to rethink his position on emergency contraception.

“Last year, our so-called ‘moderate’ governor took a hard turn to the right when he vetoed bipartisan EC legislation,” said Shelly. “In doing so, he placed his own political ambitions ahead of the health-care needs of New York women, medical science and the ideals of the pro-choice movement.”

Then, New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness launched a campaign against what they call Pataki’s “reckless” budget. They allege that the budget contains $16 Billion in tax cuts and loopholes mostly benefiting large corporations.

—Nicole Brydson